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A HealthTea Blend Created Just For You

A customised infusion tailored to your tastes & wellbeing goals. HealthTea’s contain Multi-Vitamins and Minerals as well as many therapeutic properties that can not only support your health but also taste amazing in the right combinations.

Drinking Herbal tea is one of the oldest and easiest ways of putting back in what life takes out.

Your Custom Blend can be created for you whatever your health & wellbeing goals, such as (but not limited to):

Detoxing & Weight Management

Sleep, Stress & Relaxation

Women’s Specific health

Men Specific health

Fitness & Performance

Digestive issues such as IBD

General health and wellbeing support

Skin Health

No specific reason.

Your unique HealthTea recipe will remain on our file for you to reorder at any stage in the future.


Simply click to order your Custom HealthTea Blend, fill out the questionnaire in relation to your goals, preferred flavours & tastes and Róisín will then create a unique herbal blend designed specifically for you. Your unique HealthTea with personalised packaging will then be delivered straight to your door.

HealthTea personal blends are intended for general health support only and not intended to replace the advice and care of a medical practitioner. Please do not attempt to self- diagnose or self-medicate. At no stage does Healthtea.ie and/or Roisin Sheridan as herbal advisor, attempt to diagnose any medical conditions. Always seek medical advice before taking any herbal teas or remedies especially if you are taking prescription medication, have any existing medical conditions, are pregnant and/or breastfeeding. It is always possible to be allergic or have allergies to any ingredients natural or synthetic it is therefore advised to do a 24-hour taste test as explained during consultation, health tea and/or Roisin Sheridan cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects that may arise from the misuse of our products


“From Our Business To Yours”

Retail, Restaurants, CafÉs and Coffee Shops

Now more than ever, Consumers expect and appreciate healthy, organic & high end sustainable products. They are looking for top quality herbal tea offerings to match that of coffee. The time has come to take your tea offering to the next level with our HealthTea range.

We now supply wholesale to eco and ethically conscious businesses who are looking to offer their customers fun, fresh and delicious herbal infusions that deliver on taste as well as goodness.

Our blends are hand mixed in Ireland from premium quality, local, wild & organic produce, packaged in fully compostable and biodegradable bags bringing you and your customers a brand new spin on Irish tea.

HealthTea also create custom signature blends for businesses looking to stand out from the crowd. We work with you to discover your brand and create a fusion of flavours that are bespoke to your company.

For more information please contact Róisín directly on:

Brew Your Perfect Cup