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“Like a hug in a mug!!”

Mairead, Meath

“Love Iron Brew. I will never need another herbal tea again now I’ve found healthtea.”

Ciara, Cavan

I absolutely love all the Healthtea blends, they are really so delicious. My favourite is the Iron Brew and how good it makes you feel after drinking it.”

Denise, Galway

“Love Iron Brew. I’m a huge herbal tea fan and this is up there with the best of them. I cannot wait to try them all.”

Roisin, Galway

“Iron Brew is delicious. I love it. I can not tell you the difference I feel in myself just drinking it everyday. Wow. thank you.”

Fiona, Athlone

“I had a personal blend made up for skin health as i suffer with eczema. The tea tasted so nice and refreshing. Not too medicinal which made it such a pleasure to drink. Finally something thats good for me and tastes good too. Thank you”

Lisa, Cavan

“High C really helped me during a nasty bug i had. I honestly felt so much better after drinking it for a few days! Can’t wait to try it as an iced tea.”

Liz, Galway

“I drink Serenitea every night now to wind down, my new ritual. It’s amazing!!”

Amy, Galway

“I’m really enjoying my personal blend. Love the freshness of the flavours. It really tastes like it was made just for me. Thank You so much Roisin.”

Mary, Galway

“I don’t believe it, I actually had such a great nights sleep after drinking Serenitea. What magic is this?”

Melissa, Carlow

“(Healthtea) Iron Brew is amazing. Beautiful healthy tasty tea. It smells so good too.”

Konnie, Cavan

“Love Healthtea. I’ve had other herbal teas like this that either taste like water or are soo bitter, these are the perfect balance. They are amazing. The lemonaid is just sooo good i could drink it all day. The Iron Brew is like the perfect amount of mint yet you know its sooo good for you as you drink it.”

Shonita, Galway

“I love LemonAid, just the smell is to die for. It tastes so good.”

Amber, Galway

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