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Tulsi Berry Fusion


Revitalise your body and mind with a combination of Echinacea, Tulsi & Berries, all of which are renowned for their strengthening & healing properties. The best side-effect of this nutrient-heavy blend is its stunning flavor – refreshing with a subtle tart character. Tastes great hot or cold.





Echinacea - A powerful herb with anti bacterial & anti-viral properties. Studies show its effectiveness in preventing cold symptoms and shortening the duration of illness. Beyond cold & flu, Echinacea holds the key to preventing a host of additional illnesses and infections.

Holy Basil/Tulsi - considered something of a cure-all, this adaptogen is one of the most purifying Ayurvedic herbs. When it comes to colds and flus, Tulsi can help reduce headaches and fevers, relieve congestion, and support digestion whilst building the body up and helping it cope with stress.

Strawberry leaf - contains high amounts of vitamin C, iron and calcium, which are essential micronutrients for maintaining overall body health, such as protecting our body from catching colds and other harmful toxins by increasing the effectiveness of our immune system, increasing the strength of our bones and thus helping to prevent osteoporosis, improving hemoglobin production as well as the quantity of the red blood cells in our body.

Blackberry leaf - have as much nutrients as the fruit. Also rich in flavonoids which is a type of antioxidant. Beneficial for increasing immunity & blocking pathogens so you don’t get sick so easily.

Chamomile -  Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Aids digestion, reduces nausea and settles the nerves.

Safflower Petals - Studies indicate that this humble tea, taken from the petals of the safflower plant, can work against a number of ailments, including raised cholesterol, fevers and even symptoms of arthritis and poor circulation.

Cranberry Pieces - Powerhouse of anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Cranberry tea has the capacity to boost your immune system and protect you from a variety of ailments.


We enjoy our HealthTea best when brewed in a teapot or French press. 1-2 tsps. for every cup of boiling water, stir, then steep for 10 minutes or more. 

But you are you, so experiment, find your flavour and drink to your health!

 We aim to process all orders within 48hours during working days. Please allow Approximately 2-3 day delivery.

HealthTea Therapeutic Herbal infusions, A natural source of Multi Vitamins & Minerals to support You and Your health. Organically and Ethically grown Super Herbs, lovingly blended for You into great tasting teas. Using only 100% compostable packaging; that makes every cup of HealthTea Good for You and Good for the Earth.


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