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Berry Boost Powder

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The superfood that makes your smoothies berry good! 🍓
Our Berry Boost Powder is a great way to add a kick of antioxidants, anti-aging compounds and fibre to your diet. With just two spoons of this powder, your smoothie becomes a superfood smoothie!



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100g Pure Raspberry Powder, Strawberry Powder, Wild Blueberry Powder (Bilberry) 

No supplement should ever be regarded as a suitable substitute for “real food”. However, our powders can pack a pretty hefty nutritional punch, giving you a convenient way to get more of the good stuff into your diet with the same nutrition as the fresh versions. Containing no artificial ingredients, this powder is made from the process of air drying until the powder is formed.

HealthTea Berry Blast Powder is a Rich source of antioxidants that fight the free radicals that cause premature skin aging, deteriorated vision & even cognitive decline. In addition to its antioxidant content, this all natural supplement is also a great source of fiber - crucial for maintaining a healthy digestive system and weight management by keeping you fuller longer, keeps blood sugar levels balanced, so you don’t experience spikes and dips in energy throughout the day. Not to mention, all the many vitamins & minerals that support numerous body functions. They can improve metabolism, protect the immune system, and boost lung, blood vessel, heart, and kidney health. Berries are also beneficial for relieving inflammation both inside and out of the body!!

High in antioxidants, soluble and insoluble fiber, Micronutrients, anthocyanins, Vitamins A, E, B, K,E and C, Minerals; Calcium, Magnesium, iron, copper, selenium, zinc, manganese and more.

All ingredients in Our Irish Powders are harvested from organic Irish farms at peak potency. Only the best produce is selected before being milled into a fine powder.

How to use:

Simply add a spoon to your smoothies, juices, soups or stews. Sprinkle over porridge, muesli or granola and use as toppings for any meal or incorporated into baking. As this powder is 100% natural without any additives it can sometimes clump together due to the high sugar content. This is a natural process and is nothing to worry about, you can use the back of a spoon to gently break down these clumps.

Remember you are you, experiment, find your flavour and drink to your health!

HealthTea Therapeutic Herbal infusions, A natural source of Multi Vitamins & Minerals to support You and Your health. Organically and Ethically grown Super Herbs, lovingly blended for You into great tasting teas. Using only 100% biodegradable packaging that makes every cup of HealthTea Good for You and Good for the Earth. 

 All orders will be processed and sent on the same day if ordered before 1pm. Approximately 2-3 day delivery.


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1 review for Berry Boost Powder

  1. Michelle

    I add this to my breakfast for a little extra goodness. It’s really tasty. Great quality too can taste the berry’s tartness.

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