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Meet Róisín 

Hi, I’m Róisín Sheridan, founder and creator of HealthTea…

My 3 main passions in life are people, nature and health, although not always in that order. Growing up beside the sea in Galway – a tourism hotspot – I developed a love for people and for the natural world around me. Now, as a qualified nutritional herbalist, I bring those passions together using natural methods to help people to manage their health and wellbeing.

Personally, I love all healthy and natural foods. I have absolutely no problems whatsoever eating or drinking anything if it’s good for me but surprisingly not everyone else will, especially children. So in order to get my family and friends to take what’s good for them, I had to make it easy to take and taste great too. This is why I created my range of healthy herbal teas! Healthtea blends are designed as an easy way to support your health, to put back in what life takes out and to bring you moments of joy!

Alongside running my own business, I am a busy mum of three, a homemaker and a ‘Grow It Yourself’ enthusiast, who often finds herself wishing there was less washing up and more time for forest walks and yoga! I love music, a nice glass of red and a good celebration. These days you will mostly find me outside amongst the plants, with a cup of Iron Brew in one hand, and a secateurs in the other.

Herb quality and integrity is at the heart of every Healthtea and that is why I insist our herbs are grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals.

All our plants are sourced organically, ethically and as locally as possible. Once blended, we then package immediately on-site using eco-friendly biodegradable packaging.

As well as the main Healthtea blends, I work with people on a one-to-one basis to create specific and therapeutic teas tailored to you and your needs.

These unique and personalised herbal tea blends are a great way to support your health and wellness goals. During our consultation we’ll discuss your specific requirements and work together to come up with a blend that’s perfect for you!