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What Are Herbs For Nerves?


In Herbalisim we refer to these as Nervine herbs. Nervine herbs are types of herbs that nourish & support the central nervous system!

These include:

•Nervine stimulants such as caffeine

•Relaxants ~ Lavender

•Hypnotics ~ California Poppy


Nervine Relaxants


Also known as herbal sedatives, these herbs gently calm, sedate & relax the nervous system without leaving you feeling groggy! They are safe to take during the day & work best when taken regularly.




•Melissa Officinalis


•Hawthorn blossom

•St.Johns Worth

•Mug Worth

•Holy Basil


Nervine Stimulants


Are plants that directly stimulate the nervous system. These pleasure plants are more commonly used as recreational rather than medicinal herbs


•Black & Green Tea







•Yerba Mate


Nervine Hypnotics


Nervine Hypnotics are similar to sedatives or relaxant herbs but with more bang! They are stronger & can leave you feeling sedated, very relaxed & sleepy. Can cause drowsiness.

California Poppy

•Passionflower Herb



•Cannabis Sativa



Nervine Tonics


These herbs work long term to restore & strengthen a worn down nervous system & increase the body’s ability to handle stress

  • Ashwaganda
  • Lemon Balm
  • Tulsi
  • Wood Betony
  • St John’s Wort
  • Borage
  • Milky Oats
  • Gotu Kola




In short, yes! But not like chemical drugs. They work with your body, not just to mask the symptoms but over time to encourage your own heali

ng. They are gentle & effective. Learning which herb to take & when is key!

The ones mentioned here are gentle, try them first in a simple herbal tea, observe their effects & If you don’t like one, try another!

In acute situations or times of severe sleeplessness try tinctures of Hypnotics as well as teas!

Stop over dosing on caffeine & other stimulants, and don’t over think it. We think nothing about using these to get us going, so why not use herbs to wind us down? 

Where to Get them?

I spent a few years experimenting with various nervine herbs and have created a Beautiful range of Safe & Effective Nerve Supporting; Health Teas, Tinctures & Wellness oils to soothe the nervous system, combat stress & aid sleeplessness with a variety of herbs such as chamomile, lavender, passionflower and more, Click here To View

Word Of Caution! 

I will caution you though — taking herbs doesn’t solve all your problems. It’s just 1 tool in your toolkit but it’s equally important to drill down to the root of your stress and anxiety wherever possible, even if it’s not something you can immediately address.

If your rent is too high, you hate your boss, you’re not eating enough veggies, or you’re worried about the plight of the planet, nervines can take the edge off, allowing you to chip away at the deeper issue to alleviate it from the source, but herbal medicines are allies, they aren’t problem eradicators.

Stay Open Minded

Be open-minded, curious, and engaged with the plants you consume, experimenting with differen

t herbal allies and paying close attention to how they make you feel. They are all different with their varied personalities, energetics, and affinities that will support you in different moments and needs. So let’s not get caught up in the trends, but rather establish a working relationship with nature, the plants, and the medicine that supports us.

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