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Health Tea

Healthtea began with the humble nettle. Yup, those so-called pesky weeds and the want to share their goodness with my family & friends in a more palatable and easy way (because, well, let’s face it, not everybody is going to go out picking garden weeds because they are told it’s good for you…..especially when they sting). 

In Spring 2020 I was sat in my garden admiring the abundance of nettles that had shot up around me during that glorious weather of lockdown #1. 

 Like so many of us during that lockdown, I found myself stuck at home with time on my hands. I was homeschooling a teen and a four year old, pregnant with baby number 3 and I was anaemic. As a nutritionist and herbalist, I knew those ordinary nettles were loaded with nutrition and could prove a great natural support to treat my anemia. So I set off armed with a bucket, my kitchen scissors and a good pair of gloves to harvest the nettles. After a week of drinking the nettle tea, I really felt so good that I just had to promote and share this goodness with my friends and family. But I also knew that nettles on their own are not a flavour most people find very appealing. So I set myself the challenge of coming up with a herb blend that not only offered all the health benefits of nettles and other herbs, but that also tasted delicious.

 ‘Iron Brew’ was born.

I wish I could say that just like that I spontaneously  gathered some herbs, threw ‘em all together into a beautiful tasting, mineral rich herbal tea but of course it was not that simple. Using my herbal & nutrition training, I researched all the different herbs that could be found or grown easily in the Irish climate, their nutritional profile and their therapeutic qualities. Then I did lots of experimenting with the herbs to get a blend that is as nutritious as it is tasty. Suffice to say there were many early editions of Iron Brew before I settled on the one you are drinking now!

I roped my family and friends in as tasters and eventually the perfect blend came together.

 One sip and I knew I’d finally done it. The right amount of nutrition, the right amount of each herb and their flavours. I love that when you drink Iron Brew you can really taste the goodness and almost feel it nourish every cell in your body.

I began making a few different tea blends, put together for specific tastes and health benefits  and continued sending these out to my nearest and dearest over the next couple of months. Then when I continued getting positive reactions, I knew I was onto something. I decided that I wanted to share my tea with as many people as I could, So that everyone could access nature’s own Multivitamins and minerals for themselves. Not everyone has the means or even the time to go out picking nettles or other plants, not that they would want to either. Although why I’ll never know!! 

This is how HealthTea came into being and it’s through Healthtea I am able to put my passions, experience, and education to work for good… to share with you the absolute best nature has to offer. I honestly love creating these blends and put my heart and soul into each one. I hope you enjoy drinking them just as much Knowing that each and every ingredient has been thought about, researched and placed in precise amounts according to their nutrient profile, their therapeutic properties and ultimately their taste. Know that each and every plant has been carefully grown and harvested in an ecological, organic way that works together with nature and wildlife – making it good for you and good for the earth. 




Hi, I’m Róisín Sheridan, founder and creator of HealthTea. My 3 main passions in life are people, nature and health, although not always in that order...


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